BurgerFi Opens in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea


, the much-anticipated casual burger restaurant from David Manero, has opened in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.


is short for the "burgerfication of the nation." Though it can be argued that the USA is already "burgerfied," Manero and his wife, Lynn, are planning to take over the country with fresh, all-natural Angus beef without fillers, steroids, hormones, or other junk that you really don't want in your food. The result is a quality burger at a reasonable price.  Burgers, fries, hot dogs, sodas, beer, wine, and concretes (thick frozen custard concoctions) are ordered from space-aged LED displays, which not only flash the standard menu but suggest interesting burger/topping combinations. Burger add-ons range from the classic (American cheese, mayonnaise) to the interesting (sunny-side-up egg, hickory bacon). A quinoa burger is available for vegetarians. Fries are hand-cut and come with toppings like Parmesan, herb, chili, and cheese. The restaurant is designed by Manero's wife, Lynn, and makes good use of both indoor and outdoor space. The décor is modern, sleek, and green. Tables are made of either recycled wood or plastic milk cartons, and meat hooks are turned into the most fashionable lighting fixtures ever. Even dogs are accommodated at BurgerFi, with doggy leash tie-ups, perfect for securing Fido while you order a burger. Your furry friend is then welcome to dine with you on the outdoor patio.

The Maneros, who also own DeVito, the Office, and Vic & Angelo's, plan to franchise BurgerFi, with the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea location the prototype. Seems like the burgerfication of a nation has already begun. 


4343 N. Ocean Drive




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