Cable Show Casting South Floridians With Weird Food Obsessions

If you've ever watched TLC's My Strange Addiction (you know, the show where people 'fess up to eating dead hamsters and cigarette butts) and said to yourself, "that's nothing!" -- you might be interested in the posting we found on South Florida Craigslist.

20 West Productions and a major cable network are currently looking for outgoing people in south Florida with (in their politically correct verbiage) an "atypical relationship with food".

In other words, these casting directors are looking for people who eat glass...or 75 burgers at a time...or bat guano.  If you, by chance, are on the other side of the coin and simply can't be in the same room with a carrot or an order of fried clams -- there's room for you too!

According to the posting, the company is looking for you, "whether you binge on a certain food when your stress level is high, you obsessively collect bottles of ketchup, or you can't be in the same room as seafood".

We contacted 20 West Productions who could not release any

information on the show, except to say it was a "new unnamed pilot,

still in the works."

If you want to go public with your SPAM

collection or your uncontrollable desire to eat Little Friskies, send an

email to 20westcastingteam@gmail.com with the following (be sure to

attach three - five candid photos of you eating laundry detergent or lurking in your neighbor's trash):

  • Name
  • Age
  • City
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Describe Yourself
  • Describe Your Interesting Food Relationship

In the meantime, and to give you a little hint of how weird these shows can get, here's a clip of Adele -- who likes to eat couch cushions:

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