Campaign Against Sucky Restaurant Websites

Campaign Against Sucky Restaurant Websites

It's great when restaurants have websites. Makes life easier than trudging through a thicket of Yelps or merry bands of Advising Tripsters. 

But just because an eatery has some HTML skills doesn't mean they have to use them. 

The Oatmeal has identified some of the worst traits of food-based websites. And it's true: Why is listing your hours so difficult? Do you really need some crazy, graphic-heavy flash-animation thing that takes minutes to load and looks like a 3-D Applebee's commercial? 

Clean Plate Charlie finds further fault. 

One big pet peeve: restaurants that bombard web viewers with obnoxious music. You're a Key West-themed joint? Hey, no way I'll ever get a feel for what you're about ... unless you drown out my iTunes with your 12-second, looped snippet of Jimmy Buffett! 

Commandeering computers with homepages louder than a tantruming toddler isn't what hungry people want or need. Flash-laden intros and mariachi-band madness = less important than an updated menu, current hours, and where to park.

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