Can You Guess the Celebrities Behind the Pumpkins?

For Halloween, Clean Plate Charlie has selected a group of celebrities and newsworthy individuals that are scarier than any creature lurking in a shopping mall haunted house. 

See if you can guess whose eyes are lurking behind these jack-o'-lanterns (answers are on the bottom of the page):

2. This singer had a long history of substance abuse. Ironically, her name resembles her vices.

3. You might find pumpkin pie at the group this local politician is associated with.

4. This infamous mom lurks somewhere in Florida.

5. This rocker is known for his strange style as much as for his music.

6. These crazy eyes were featured on the cover of Newsweek.

7. Big guy with a little voice gets a face tattoo.

8. This politician lives in a big house with its own vegetable garden and shares his initials with a dog.

9. This crazy-eyed guy holds the highest ranking office in Florida.

10. This actor runs an empire on television.

Answers:  1. Bettheny Frankel, 2. Amy Winehouse, 3. Allen West, 4. Casey Anthony, 5. Marilyn Manson, 6. Michele Bachmann, 7. Mike Tyson, 8. Barack Obama, 9. Rick Scott, 10. Steve Buscemi

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