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Candy Corn Oreo Debuts on Monday: Five Other Oreo Flavors They Should Consider

Candy corn, adored only by compulsive sugar junkies and dentists looking to finance a new boat, has been cross-bred with everyone's favorite sugar-drenched cookie; the Oreo. Nabisco will debut the limited edition Candy Corn Oreo on Monday, selling it exclusively in Target stores for the 2012 fall season.

Foodbeast got ahold of a package on Friday, solving the riddle of what the cookie tastes like. (Clean Plate Charlie's guess? "Future cavities.") The Foodbeast assessment? Tastes "like frosting." While you give the food-colored-laced cookie a whirl this coming week, contemplate these other flavors that Oreo should consider for a future limited-edition run.

5. Guinness

Who hasn't thought about dipping an Oreo into a glass of thick, milky stout? Just us? Whatever. Because Left Hand Brewing's Milk Stout is probably too niche, Oreo should join forces with the mainstream stout of choice: Guinness. The beer only tastes amazing in cupcakes, so this crazy little experiment might just work.

4. Red velvet cake

A cake made with copious amounts of sugar? Check. A shitload of food coloring? Check. A match made in heaven? Natch.

3. Blue raspberry

Since Nabisco is opening up the throwback vault with its exploration of the old-timey "flavor" of candy corn (hint: the flavor is sugar), they should back that train up and tap into '90s nostalgia with a Totally Xtreme Blue Razberry edition. The American Apparel set -- in all their crop top and high-waisted cutoff glory -- will love it.

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