Candy Corn Oreo Debuts on Monday: Five Other Oreo Flavors They Should Consider

Candy corn, adored only by compulsive sugar junkies and dentists looking to finance a new boat, has been cross-bred with everyone's favorite sugar-drenched cookie; the Oreo. Nabisco will debut the limited edition Candy Corn Oreo on Monday, selling it exclusively in Target stores for the 2012 fall season.

Foodbeast got ahold of a package on Friday, solving the riddle of what the cookie tastes like. (Clean Plate Charlie's guess? "Future cavities.") The Foodbeast assessment? Tastes "like frosting." While you give the food-colored-laced cookie a whirl this coming week, contemplate these other flavors that Oreo should consider for a future limited-edition run.

5. Guinness

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Who hasn't thought about dipping an Oreo into a glass of thick, milky stout? Just us? Whatever. Because Left Hand Brewing's Milk Stout is probably too niche, Oreo should join forces with the mainstream stout of choice: Guinness. The beer only tastes amazing in cupcakes, so this crazy little experiment might just work.

4. Red velvet cake

A cake made with copious amounts of sugar? Check. A shitload of food coloring? Check. A match made in heaven? Natch.

3. Blue raspberry

Since Nabisco is opening up the throwback vault with its exploration of the old-timey "flavor" of candy corn (hint: the flavor is sugar), they should back that train up and tap into '90s nostalgia with a Totally Xtreme Blue Razberry edition. The American Apparel set -- in all their crop top and high-waisted cutoff glory -- will love it.

2. Pumpkin

It's in your coffee. It's in your donut. It's in your bagels and most definitely in your beer. But why isn't artificial pumpkin flavor coursing through the veins of your Oreo Cakesters? It's only a matter of time.

1. Peanut butter kisses

If Oreo wanted to find the worst Halloween candy to use as inspiration, they missed the mark by a mile. Sure, candy corn is crap, but it's no wax-paper-covered peanut-butter-like taffy turd. Come on, Oreo. Go big or go home.

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