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Cantina Laredo Debuts Five Dishes This Week

What has passed off as "Mexican" cuisine in this country for so long has been an abject farce. Leave it to a certain fast food joint to try to homogenize an entire nation's food tradition into a simple-to-wrap, 30-item menu. Mexican food, real Mexican food, varies from state to state, maybe even from neighborhood to neighborhood. You could have an entire strip's worth of Mexican restaurants and never repeat an item in all the menus.

Cantina Laredo has never boasted itself as a definitive destination for all things Mexican, but as far as chain restaurants go, its modern take on Mexican cuisine has the right attitude. Sure, it's a little more expensive than that aforementioned chain with the dollar-disasters, but you do get a much more reputable serving of food.

Cantina Laredo's newest craze is a discovery of ribs, and as such, it will be debuting five dishes, three feature short ribs, at most of its restaurants. These will be available at the two locations in South Florida, Hallandale Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.

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Everyone loves ribs, and everyone loves Mexican food, so this is a win-win for all parties involved. First on the docket, to bolster its fajita dishes, Cantina Laredo will be basting some ribs in Jose Cuervo Tequila barbecue sauce and serving it with its beef and chicken options. This plate will go for $19.99 and will only be available during dinner hours.

For those looking for a quick lunch or a portable dinner, the torta de costillas (rib sandwich) will have a slow-roasted short rib topped with an apple-jicama slaw, black beans, and jalapeño peppers for $13.79. Its taco roster gets a new heavy up to bat with the tacos de costilla, more of that good slow-roast short rib with tomatillo sauce, Monterrey Jack, roasted peppers, and queso fresco. These will also go for $13.79 during dinner hours and for $10.49 during lunch.

Mole lovers, rejoice! The new chicken mango mole will do the most of mango season with a mango mole sauce and toasted pine nuts, $14.49 all day, and our vegetarian friends need not stay away, as another taco joins the order with the tacos de hongos featuring balsamic glazed Portobellos with creamy goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and crumbly queso fresco, a lunch steal at $10.29 and an easy dinner for $13.29.

So there's no excuse if we see your car queued up you know where, right?

Cantina Laredo is located at 501 Silks Run in Hallandale (954-457-7662) and in Palm Beach Gardens at 4635 PGA Blvd. (561-622-1223). Visit

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