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Cantina Laredo Releases Sorbet Cocktails for Summer

Summer is hot everywhere, but South Florida can feel like a freaking oven -- and a damp oven, at that. A damp, suffocating oven.

While everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere is running around, enjoying the sunshine and mild weather, we're down here in a perpetual state of perspiration.

It's not cute.

To help cool you off -- or get you too drunk to care -- Cantina Laredo Modern Mexican has released sorbet 'ritas for summer.

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Returning due to popular demand, the modern Mexican spot is bringing back cool sorbet margaritas for $7 a piece.

While the basic concept has been offered in the past, this year there are some new flavor combinations: the Blood Orange 'Rita, the Mango Citrus 'Rita, and the Raspberry Chipotle 'Rita.

Rather than go for your everyday tequila, these puppies blend Mount Gay Eclipse Rum with a variety of liqueurs and the house margarita mix. It's kind of like a margarita/daiquiri hybrid.

The Blood Orange 'Rita is a sweet and refreshing blend. It features Mount Gay Eclipse Rum and Solerno Liquer with Cantina's house margarita mix and fresh mint, served over raspberry sorbet.

The Mango Citrus 'Rita is like a tart candy. The drink combines Mount Gay Eclipse Rum and Cointreau Orange Liquer with house margarita mix and fresh basil, served over lemon and mango sorbet.

The Raspberry Chipotle 'Rita is the spicy one of the mix. It incorporates Mount Gay Eclipse Rum and Cointreau Orange Liqueur with margarita mix, pineapple juice, and hint of chipotle, served over raspberry and mango sorbet.

Cantina Laredo is located at 501 Silks Run in Hallandale (call 954-457-7662) and in Palm Beach Gardens at 4635 PGA Boulevard (call 561-622-1223). Visit

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