Cap'n Crunch Talk Show: Better Than Kimmel, Leno and Letterman

You've eaten his cereal. But do you know Cap'n Crunch has his own internet talk show?

The Cap'n has traded in his boat for the kind of fame and fortune that only comes to a select few witty personalities who call themselves late-night talk show hosts.

The Cap'n, aided by his trusty sidekick SeaDog, interviews celebrities in a giant cereal bowl on his own YouTube channel. So far Tatyana Ali and Burt Reynolds have joined the Cap'n in his giant cereal bowl to hilarious results -- including learning the phrase "YOLO".

Oh, Horatio Magellan Crunch, you were born to be a late night host. Don't believe us? The Cap'n's handlers (yes, he has handlers) have created an infographic (yes, he has an infographic) to show you the five reasons why the Cap'n is the best talk show host -- ever.

Jimmy Fallon, move over. Jimmy Kimmel, shove it! Jay Leno, you're on borrowed time anyway. Hey Letterman -- here are the top five reasons why Cap'n Crunch is a spectacular late-night talk show host:

The Cap'n Crunch Show - #TeamCrunch - Top 5 reasons why Cap'n Crunch is a spectacular late-night talk show host.
© Cap'n Crunch

Here's the Cap'n and Tatyana Ali:

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