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Carpe Diem in Delray Beach: Bigger Kitchen, Less Frenchie Menu

When Jamie Long reviewed Carpe Diem by Cafe de France earlier this summer, she wrote of the restaurant's old world charm and the menu's adherence to French classics: croque monsieur and pate sandwiches for more casual fare, foie gras and coq au vin as the heavy hitters.

The name change back in June from Cafe de France to Carpe Diem flagged the beginning of the restaurant's transformation.

Though the decor of the dining room will remain the same-the restaurant is open during construction-the expansion translates to a doubled kitchen and and more seating on the patio.Owner Olivier LeGloahec confirms that the kitchen and patio expansion started a month ago.

No longer hidebound to French classics, chefs are testing dishes that

reference regions all over Europe and the globe. "Sixty percent of the

new menu will be European," said LeGloahec, though not necessarily

French. The remainder of the menu will reference Africa and Asia:

Moroccan and Vietnamese dishes in


Construction will wrap in October, according to LeGloahec. In the meantime, the restaurant is looking for help in the front and back of the house.

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