Cat-Astrophe: Chipotle's Facebook Hacked

The "likes" and comments on Chipotle's Facebook page have exploded since someone hacked into an employee's account.

The hacker posted a status update on the Mexican restaurant chain's page. Here's a screen shot courtesy of

Cat-Astrophe: Chipotle's Facebook Hacked

Check after the jump for our best guess on who the "status-offender" was. 

Our best guess on who it is? A meat-eating, poor driving, unemotional person. Actually, it may be the Terminator. 

Cat-Astrophe: Chipotle's Facebook Hacked

Finally, we'd like to acknowledge the three best witty sentences that Chipotle's fans have been using since the status that will live in infamy:

1. "Yo dawg, i heard you don't like cats so we put a cat under your car and ran it over."

2. "what a cat-astrophe!"

3. "The amount of wall posts have really cat-apulted around here lately. what gives?"

And as a bonus, our personal favorite, which was in response to Chipotle's comment to a fan: "Apart from responding on the cat shitstorm."

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