Celebrate Bastille Day at St. Tropez Bistro

No self-respecting foodie should let Bastille Day go by without some kind of celebration. Say what you want about French culture (normally a bunch of overblown cliques anyway); there is simply no denying French influence on cuisine. Some of the finest breads, cheeses, and desserts in the world are distinctly French. So when July 14 rolls around, whether you want to celebrate French culture and food or just need an excuse to eat ultra-high-fat foods, celebrate the French uprising at St. Tropez Bistro in Fort Lauderdale.

Order a coq au vin, some steak tartar, and tarte for dessert, accompany it with a bottle of wine, and enjoy the sounds of French singer Frederic Stouck. St. Tropez Bistro is located at 1010 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Be sure to call ahead for reservations at 954-761-2612.

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