Celebrate Christmas Eve at The Matzo Ball in Delray

It's Christmas Eve and everywhere around you, families are getting together with some cocoa or eggnog to celebrate both the birth of our savior and the imminent arrival of Santa Claus. However, for us Jewish people, Christmas eve was known as "the night when everything closes".

The only places open on Christmas eve and Christmas day? Movie theaters and Chinese restaurants. At least that was the case a few years back. Now we have some other options -- Like McDonald's, Denny's, and Walgreens.

So, after a bite to eat at the local Chinese buffet and a walk down the

aisles of that big box drug store chain (you needed to stock up on Pepsi

and paper towels, anyway), head over to Il Bacio in Delray Beach

tonight for the Matzo Ball.

From 8 p.m. - 2 a.m., join hundreds of other single Jewish people for a

night of drinking, dancing, and partying. Tickets are $30 each and

available online

By the way -- just like a good pastrami sandwich, you really don't have to be Jewish to enjoy this night of festivities.

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