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Cheap Date: Rok:Brgr Cuts Prices by 60 Percent

Has it been a tough week? Traffic and the usual cadre of idiots getting you down, yipping around your heels like a litter of Yorkshire terriers? Been there. Feel your pain.

If you haven't visited Rok:Brgr, the newest, baddest gastropub in the Himmarshee district, don't delay. They're serving some of the best gourmet epicurean hamburgers ever dreamed of, in basically any combination you can think of. 

Though their draft beer selection is small, their list of craft brewery bottles is pretty impressive.

What's more impressive in the short term is the fact that, if you act now, you can order $20 worth of food and drink at Rok:Brgr and pay $8. All you have to do is

mosey over to that "Voice Deal of the Day" link, click on the little "Buy Now" dinky, and start salivating. But don't dilly-dally like you always do, dork: Time keeps on slipping (slipping, slipping) into the future.

You'll be psyched when you find out what you're in for.

Truffle oil? You know you're soaking in it. Wagyu beef burgers and hot dogs? Certainly. 

First contact with the gastropub was mightily impressive on this end -- even though the place was more crowded than Uncle's Day at a Nevada brothel, the owners and staff went above and beyond to accommodate the hungry throng. 

Cows have to go somewhere when they die. If they were really, really, really good, you can bet they'll end up at Rok:Brgr.

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