Cheap Eats At Tobacco Road

According to Charlie, a 13 year bartender at Tobacco Road, the oldest bar in Miami, the following special has been running for the past 20 or so years.

  • 1 1/4 Main Lobster for $12.49 on Tuesday
  • All-U-Can-Eat BBQ Ribs for $10.99 on Wednesday
  • 16-oz. T-Bone Steak for $10.99 on Thursdays
There's a two drink minimum and the cheapest beer is PBR at $2.50

"We're doing better this year than last year. People drink when they're happy, and they drink when they get depressed, so it works for us either way," Charlie says. I called the bar and spoke to him and co-worker Tony til they hung up on me for asking them to pass the phone to a regular. Here's what they had to say.

"This place has been open since 1912, and running the same specials for about 20 years. I've worked here around 13 years. It's great, great bar food, cheap drinks compared to most of Miami, live music six nights a week.

All screwdrivers are made from fresh squeezed oranges, they come from wherever they're cheapest, they may be Brazilian oranges, but its fresh squeezed.

I guess when you're drinking you want something to soak up the booze. Just. I love food, when I eat it makes me not hungry. I like beer, it's an acquired taste. Liquor, not so much anymore. I'm out of my 20's, I've broken up with liquor pretty much."
What foods go with what drinks?

"Lobster, if you're talking to a foodie, white wine, but me, Budweiser. We have Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, and Cabernet. Ribs, a nice Bass Ale. Steak, bourbon."
Finally, here's what Tony had to say:

"I'm mostly like a bar back. Foods great, great burgers. The chefs and the cooks work hard. We treat customers like high royalty. Celebrity types come here, Heat players come here after the game. It's a nice little spot. During Miami Vice Collin Farrel used to eat here a lot."

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Jacob Katel