Cheap Wine That Doesn't Suck

The (alleged) great cupcake craze -- the Anna Nicole Smith of food fads -- has seen its 15 minutes come, go, and be forgotten in less time that it takes to eat one of the goddamned things. 

Cupcake wines, on the other hand, just might have some staying power, at least judging by Cupcake Vineyards' 2008 Yakima Valley Riesling.

For around ten bucks a bottle, you get a Riesling that's not the usual vaguely sweet, vaguely citrusy, vaguely boring domestic plonk but rather a clean, refreshing wine that nimbly walks the high wire between lush melon and pear fruit and tangy Meyor lemon acidity. 

Chill it down and sip it out on the patio during our ravishingly clement early fall weather, or pair it with all things spicy and chicken, from kung pao to jerk to curried.

But cupcakes? Nah...

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