Check Please! Is Looking for College Student Critics

Are you a college student who one day dreams of being a food critic? Do you annoy your friends and family with the need to take pictures of every dish at the table before anyone gets to eat? Do you then proceed to give a 30-minute dissertation on the restaurant's use of dandelions as a garnish?

If we're speaking to your soul, then you've got to check out the student casting call that Check Please! is holding.

The South Florida food show, hosted by Michelle Bernstein, is seeking college undergrads from South Florida who know their food and aren't afraid to opine in front of a camera. Specifically, students "whose dorm rooms are NOT carpeted with pizza boxes," according to the website.

To qualify, students must be actively attending a local college or university, be available for a midday taping on a date in late October/early November at the Check Please! studio, be able to dine at three restaurants from the tricounty area in early October, and have access to transportation. Show producers are also looking for students who are responsible in filling out paperwork and meeting deadlines and are opinionated and able to discuss the meals they sampled.

Students must also be willing/able to pay for their meals at the three

restaurants upfront and will be reimbursed a flat $150 to defray the

costs of dining.

Interested?  Fill out the guest reviewer application by August 1, 2012. The producers will then conduct phone interviews over the next few months. 

What comes next? Wait for Food Network to call....

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