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Chef David Chang on the Ultimate Hangover Cure: Ramen Noodles

David Chang, owner of New York's Momofuku restaurant, Milk Bar, and several other difficult-to-get-a-reservation-at eateries, feels your pain.

It's obvious that Chang can sympathize with us when we wake up well after the sun with our brains threatening to spew out of our ears and nostrils. Like only one of the country's best chefs can, he shares his recipe for the best hangover food ever made.....Ramen noodles.

In this amazing segment on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Show, Chang doctors up ramen noodles into something that we would deign to eat fully sober and conscious.

Taking a mega cup of noodles, Chang adds the packet of seasoning ("It's

basically chicken stock, beef stock, and MSG. I have no problem with

that.") and noodles to boiling water.

He then elevates the humble food

(first invented to feed Japanese families after World War II, now

feeding frat boys everywhere) by poaching two eggs into the mixture,

adding protein (chicken, pork, beef, tofu), kimchi, scallions, and

Sriracha sauce (which makes everything good).

The calculated

cost? About a buck and a half for the edited version. Five bucks if you

go "full monty" with the works. Here's the how-to:

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