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Chef Shakeup at DIG in Delray?

Though Eater Miami reports on a chef change-up at the organic-focused DIG in Delray Beach, owner Robert Greenfield told New Times today that Chef Joey Giannuzzi was never a partner, but rather a consultant. 

That's funny, since it's reported herehere and here the two were partners.

"If things would have worked out, he would have been a partner. But it was clear early on that he never wanted to give up his baby, The Green Gourmet," Greenfield said. 

Giannuzzi and Greenfield had parted ways over a month ago, he said, and chef Wilson Wieggel, --who moved here from New Mexico-- has been helming the kitchen at DIG from day one. "Nothing has changed here," said Greenfield. DIG opened for lunch and dinner on June 15th.

According to the folks at The Green Gourmet,


Giannuzzi was not available to comment this afternoon and would not be talking to journalists about the parting of ways.

Despite earlier assertions that DIG is a farm to table restaurant, Greenfield maintains that it's organic and not farm-to-table- yet, anyway.Particularly this time of year: "There's nothing growing here right now," he said. Come fall, the restaurant will house a garden out front and will continue ferreting scraps to Farmer Jay Pure Organics for composting.

In the meantime Wieggel and Greenfield are scouting out local farms for sourcing that would start this fall, including Darrin Swank's farm in Loxahatchee. "Ideally you want to get food as local as you can. And that's something we're looking into," he said. 

Whether it's organic or farm-to-table cuisine, Greenfield feels his restaurant is a local pioneer. "We're in the middle of a food revolution regarding what we've been putting into our foods and into our bodies," said Greenfield. "Around here, we want to lead the way."

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