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Chef Victor Franco on Oceans 234 Cookbook

South Florida is known for being transient. People come and go, and restaurants tend to do the same.

One year deserves a pat on the back. Ten: that's a rarity.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Ocean's 234 has released a cookbook at its big birthday bash.

Available in-house the book is free to all guests.

We spoke to chef Victor Franco about the project, including his favorite recipes.

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"It's the best of our dishes from over the past ten years," said Franco. "It has a collaboration of old and new items as a thank you for people who like our dishes."

Just like the restaurant the Best of 10 Years Anniversary Cookbook, highlights local produce and local fishes. Recipes range from key lime pie to crispy calamari and lobster eggs benedict.

While Franco has been with the restaurant for three years out of the ten, his favorite recipe in the book is one of the originals, the shrimp and corn crusted snapper. The restaurant uses butterflied, locally caught yellowtail snapper filets (basically, one fish broken into two filets connected at the tail) makes a corn and shrimp crust and serves it with mashed potatoes, summer vegetables, and a lemon sauce.

"We're trying to use the freshest local produce and fish as much as possible," said Franco. "Everything is made in-house: sauces, stocks, desserts."

Here's your chance to pick up some of his tips -- for free until supplies last.

Copies of Best of 10 Years Anniversary Cookbook are available in the front of the restaurant.

Ocean's 234 is located at 234 N. Ocean Drive in Deerfield Beach. Call 954-428-2539, or visit

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