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Chic Bar -- Vega Lounge -- Opens in Pompano Beach

Upscale, chi-chi bars with red carpets and the VIP treatment are certainly nothing new on the South Florida landscape. They are a regular staple in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. So, the most remarkable thing about the opening of the latest high-class establishment is its location.

The Vega Lounge, which opened almost two weeks ago, is located in Pompano Beach. We're not knocking Pompano Beach, but it's far more well known for casual beach places and cozy hole-in-the-wall bars than it is for ones that valet.

According to Shanna Benson, Special Events and Marketing Manager for the City of Pompano Beach, that's kind of the point.

"The Vega Lounge is the first in a series of new business grand openings scheduled for the East CRA district in Pompano Beach which will include the new beachside restaurant Beach Grille on January 11th, Grand Re-Opening of Checkers Old Munchen on January 17th and a Grand Opening of the Beach Fish Market in Harbor Village in late January or early February."

CRA - if you don't know - stands for Community Redevelopment Agency. Many, if not most, cities have them these days. A CRA is technically part of the local government but is a separate legal entity tasked with implementing redevelopment projects, usually in downtown areas. In other words, their mission is to work purposely and cooperatively with local businesses to help bring back customers and, in turn, more businesses.

One of the most successful is the Delray Beach CRA which is responsible for most of the events and business initiatives in their thriving downtown area.  Many cities, including Coral Springs and its CRA, have been looking to repeat this success in their own towns.

The Vega Lounge is in the Harbor Village Shoppes which have been undergoing extensive renovations that are expected to be completed by the end of the year. The recent addition of this wine and specialty cocktail bar is sure to be feather in the CRA's cap.

In an emailed statement, Thomas Troyer, General Manager, said the opening was a success and that, with the help of the CRA, they are hoping for big things:

The grand opening went very well; over the weekend we had tasting events, live music and a DJ that were all very well received.  We're very appreciative of everyone that was able to make it to one of the events, and especially to the great people at the Pompano CRA for helping in so many ways.

Moving forward we will get into our regular weekend entertainment schedule, which consists of the following:  Friday nights, live acoustic music - Saturday nights, live music from blues or jazz bands - Sunday nights, DJ spinning classic hip hop.  In addition to these regular events will be looking to add others for the weekend during the daytime and weekday evenings as well.

The Vega Lounge is located at 2777 E Atlantic Blvd. in Pompano Beach. Call 954-943-3770, or visit their Facebook page,

In the meantime, check this out. They're so fancy, they even made a video of their opening night festivities:

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