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Chicago Chef David Blonsky Serves Inspired Mediterranean Fare at Apeiro Kitchen & Bar in Delray Beach

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The modern-Mediterranean establishment was birthed almost by accident, after Rapoport caught wind the plaza was looking for another dining option to add to the marketplace's open-air space next door. Rather than wait for a new concept to take shape, he jumped at the chance to take over the corner lot.

But he didn't want just another eponymous place serving burgers and pizza. Instead, Rapaport sought to partner with a chef who could bring a breath of fresh air to Delray Beach. A few weeks later, he met executive chef-owner David Blonsky.

Six years ago, you would have found Blonsky in Chicago kitchens, shaping a style and technique emblematic of the city's progressive culinary scene and working alongside such talent as acclaimed chef Rick Tramonto and pastry chef Gail Gand. Before relocating to Florida to head his own project with Apeiro, Blonsky worked as corporate chef for DineAmic, the group behind spots like Bull & Bear and Siena Tavern, where he and former Top Chef contestant Fabio Viviani worked side by side to execute a similar Med-style concept.

While Blonsky may hail from one of the country's most influential food-forward cities, he's positive that Florida isn't far behind the culinary curve. With Apeiro, you get the sense he wants to show South Florida what that means, with dishes crafted around what he terms "simple ingredients and clean flavor."

"My goal with Apeiro is to open people's minds to a different style of cooking," says Blonsky, whose plan is to expand the concept alongside Rapaport. "The food scene is getting more progressive here, but I want to introduce my own flair and my idea of what Mediterranean food should be."

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