Chick-fil-A Calendar: Free Stuff and Great Cows In History (Pictures)

Chick-fil-A's 2012 calendar is a moo-ving tribute to both bargains and great cows in history.

We love the fact that Chick-fil-A hires bovine marketing and advertising reps. Sure, in a zeal to save their species from the plight of being killed and consumed they offer up their feathered barnyard brethren for the supreme sacrifice - being served between a bun.

But folks, wouldn't we try to sell some cannibal tribe on the taste merits of various other critters if the tribal elders started boiling water and pinching our arms to test for meatiness?

Besides, according to Chick-fil-A, cows have done some pretty cool things. The 2012 Trail Grazers calendar pays homage to some of the best of the moo-vers and shakers like astronomer Cowpernicus, great beauty Cleopatty, and famed climber Tenderizing Norgay,

The calendar also features a monthly coupon good for free chicken

sandwiches, sodas, soups, shakes, and bottled waters (alas, no burgers

in sight).

The The Trail Grazers calendar is $6 and is available at all Chick-fil-A stores while supplies last.  Here are a few of our favorite cows:

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