Willie Nelson covers Coldplay for Chipotle.
Willie Nelson covers Coldplay for Chipotle.
Flickr via The Tripwire

Chipotle Hires Willie Nelson to Cover Coldplay for Cultivate Cartoon

In an effort to merge burritos, classic country, and hipster cool (because who hasn't tried that), burrito chain Chipotle Mexican Grill has enlisted ponytailed crooner Willie Nelson to cover Coldplay's The Scientist as the narration to an animated short for The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

The film, titled Back to the Start, features a small farmer who turns into a factory farmer who then learns the error of his ways and turns back the clock.

The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a more healthful and sustainable food supply and to raise awareness on food-related issues.
Recently, the foundation raised $96,000 through its "wrap what you love" campaign for FamilyFarmed.org, which helps independent farmers market to corporations, schools, and restaurants.

The video will play in movie theaters, and Nelson's cover will be available for 99 cents on iTunes, 60 cents of which will go to the foundation.

Here's the video:

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