Chocolate Factory Field Trip!

Are your kids feeling restless and bored over the break? Do you want them out of the house and off the Xbox for a while? 

At 3 p.m. today, your kids (6 to 14 years of age) can have a chocolate-creativity session at Shakolad Chocolate Factory, 7740 Nova Drive in Davie. Shakolad, which crafts little chocolate novelties, is low on Willie-Wonka sized chocolate waterfalls, but high on the fun scale.

It's $9.50 a kid -- a small price to get them off the couch for an hour. Call 472-6155 to reserve a spot. Sounds like a good time, too:

First, they'll get a history lesson on the art of chocolate making -- which probably includes a lot of Swiss references. Kids get to taste white, milk, and dark chocolate and decide which they like best. Each child gets to create his or her own treats, which involves sticking four tasty items in a cupcake holder, then smothering them with melted chocolate. They'll get to make a chocolate lollypop and craft their own goodie bag to bring home their creations.

Which means you get some down-time, and maybe even some sweetness when they get home. Nice.

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