Christmas on Las Olas: Cookie Battle Debrief

Throngs getting a start on holiday celebrations strolled the boulevard last night for the 49th-annual Christmas on Las Olas. Onlookers saw everything from cherubic angels reciting wish lists for Santa to slutty elves hawking cocktails. Kids loved the ski jump, ice rink, and carnival rides over at YOLO. Adults beelined for booze after buying gifts and people-watching.

Over at the New Times table, Las Olas restaurant East End Eats joined local bakers Cindy Made Them and Tea for Two Cookie Co. in a Christmas Cookie Battle. The results after the jump.

Best decorations: East End Eats
Dominique Beckers and company created festive, elaborate designs on giant gingerbread cookies big enough to serve as a meal. We felt like kids perusing the tray, deciding whether to eat a candy cane or rip the head off that snowman. Santa went untouched, his beard too much a work of art.

Most nostalgic: Cindy Made Them
These reminded judges of the cookies our grandmothers and mothers have made: delicious cutouts with glittery red and green. Sugar cookies are among our favorites, especially when they're decorated with toasted coconut as the stocking trim. Cindy Made Them served an array of cookies shaped like Sesame Street characters as well as beachy themed cutouts. Interested in ordering some for yourself? Click here for more information.

The favorite: Tea for Two Cookie Co.
Kim Neale's diminutive shortbread cookies pack serious flavor. For last night's battle, she served banana-nut cookies that were buttery and addictive. Though I loved them, I'm partial to her lavender rounds or the dark-chocolate shortbread to serve with a big red wine after dinner. Want to try them? Get in touch with Neale here.

Thank you to the participants for the delicious cookies and for all of you who came out and supported the American Lung Association.

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