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City Cellar: Half-Price Bottles During Wine Down Mondays

​You know, Mondays suck so hard. They come at the worst time -- always at the tail-end of a whirlwind weekend where you enjoyed a leisurely kayak trip in the Keys (or whatever). Ninety-nine percent of the time, there's some kind of hideous "work" attached to them, like a piece of lint on a nice pair of slacks. They're completely bogus in every way, and our elected officials should be working to outlaw them forever. Mondays -- who needs 'em?

Until that bill passes, our friends at City Cellar in West Palm Beach have a way to mollify Mondays, a way to make the day have some sort of silver lining, instead of a drab, miserable, tattered, moth-eaten lining that smells like wet dog .

Wine Down (get it?) Mondays is the answer to your prayers, Monday-hater. All day long, if you go there and order a meal, City Cellars will sell you a bottle of wine for half-price. Any bottle, as long as it's under $99. That's about 90 percent of the wines available on City Cellars' massive list. 

It's a pretty awesome deal, especially in these times where buying a bottle of wine at a restaurant sounds about as smart as purchasing stock in the Tribune Company. An '08 Cakebread Chardonnay for under $40? We're so there.

Unfortunately, the deal (which says quite a bit about the mark-up of vino, doesn't it?) leaves out some of the face-smackingly good wines (Silver Oak cab '09, OMG) but that shouldn't deter you from making this a weekly adventure -- to the tune of a certain song by the Boomtoon Rats.

Hit it.

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