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Class Action Suit Involving General Mills' Digestive Health Yogurt: You Mean, It Doesn't Help Me Poo?!

Gotta love a good ol' fashioned placebo effect.

Although many problematic poo-ers across the country swear that probiotic yogurts improve their digestion, the lack of scientific evidence has landed a few yogurt producers in hot toilet water (sorry).

A Miami federal judge granted a false advertising class action lawsuit

involving YoPlus digestive health yogurt due to allegations that General

Mills has no scientific backing for the advertising claims of special health benefits.

Growing to a

billion dollar industry in recent years, the market for medicinal foods has ballooned bigger than a gassy, distended abdomen. Companies like General Mills, Yoplait, and Dannon have capitalized on consumer interest allowing them to charge up to a 44 percent price premium for the "unique health-promoting" product over regular yogurt.  In 2010, Dannon agreed to a $45 million settlement prosecuted by Blood Hurst & O'Reardon, LLP -- a firm also taking on Taco Bell and Hydroxycut.

Since most yogurts contain natural amounts of probiotics, it looks like we can stick to the cheap dairy products washed down with a glass of Metamucil.

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