Clay Conley Tapped to Create Flavor for Onli Sparkling Beverages

When Palm Beach-based sparkling beverage company Onli wanted to expand its flavor line, it went right to the top of the heap for assistance, asking Clay Conley for help.

The chef-inspired sparkling beverages already have quite a unique line of taste profiles with offerings like mint espresso Swiss hazelnut, green tea lemongrass mango, and hibiscus pomegranate aronia already available at local Publix Greenwise Markets and Whole Foods Markets throughout Florida for about $4.99 for a four-pack.

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Conley was tasked with creating a new limited-edition flavor, which will be unveiled in September 2013 and be available at his restaurants, Buccan and Imoto. The beverage will also be featured at several events planned throughout Florida.

Why did the James Beard finalist decide to try his hand at creating a sparkling beverage? "Working with Onli beverages offers a unique opportunity to see how my experiences as a cook will translate into the creation of a new beverage", the chef said. "The process has been fascinating, and I appreciate working with a company that shares my desire to develop complex, balanced, thoughtful flavors."

Part of the challenge has been to translate Conley's complex flavor profiles into a consistent flavor that can be bottled. As to what that flavor is? Well, since the handsome and talented chef recently confessed a secret craving for Skittles, don't be surprised if it turns out to be a Wonka-like inspiration. Snozzberry, anyone?

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