Cocktails & Spirits

Cocktail of the Week

It's easy to fall into the trap of overdoing a mixed drink. Sure, booze purists insist that mixing anything aside from a splash of water will ruin any decent alcohol, but sometimes slugging straight whiskey isn't the most refreshing summertime drink on the beach. But pounding down frozen cocktails in the sun is more likely to give you a headache than anything else. So what's a discriminate drinker to do when he's in search of a refreshing cocktail to sip under the summer sun? Push aside the rum runners, pina coladas, and frozen margaritas and try a Bacardi Limon and Sprite.

There are a slew of positives to ordering this drink: Almost every bar has both ingredients, it's extremely simple to make, it's clear so you're not exactly advertising your penchant for fruity drinks, and it's downright delicious. The biggest drawback to this refreshing beverage is just how easily it goes down. The Limon mixes so perfectly with Sprite (or whatever lemon-lime beverage the bar stocks) that it's nearly impossible to tell if there is any alcohol in the drink at all. It simply tastes like a syrupy, slightly flat Sprite. It also does something that most mixed drinks can't: quenches your thirst. So the next time you're on the beach, pondering which umbrella-laden drink to order, try a Limon and Sprite. Just don't blame us if you develop a new addiction.

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Brett Gillin