Comedy Central's Nick Kroll Introduces New Character on Conan - "The 70's Eater"

If you haven't been watching The Kroll Show on Comedy Central, you should. Nick Kroll, the star of the show is a master of characters like Young Larry Bird, the tunafish-obsessed George, and Gil.

Nick came on Conan to chat -- and we learned just how food obsessed he is. From sharing Twitter pictures of tuna sandwiches to chatting about Katy Perry's star turn on the show (that involved the pop star having a conflict over endorsing a new spicy corn chip called Blisteritos).

The funniest moment, though, came when Kroll introduced a brand new character on Coco's show -- the 70's Eater.

The premise being that this guy eats like any guy in a Scorsese movie from the 70's. Don't quite know what that means? You'll totally get it if you've ever watched Goodfellas. We love when Conan gets into the character -- but somehow cannot get one French fry into his mouth. Watch the fries fly here.

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