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Commemorate the End of Prohibition With New Beer's Eve at World of Beer

April 6 is the official day of the unofficial holiday celebrating the end of Prohibition. What is this day called, you ask? It's appropriately titled New Beer's Eve.

World of Beer, aka Beer Heaven, is hosting a glorious celebration for this unofficial-but-should-be-official holiday. World of Beer in Coconut Creek features six new beers, four on draft and two bottled. Beers featured on draft include Hinterland IPA, Hinterland Maple Bock, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout and Cigar City Guanabana. Bottled beers include Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Ale (25 oz) and Cigar City Cuban Espresso Maduro (12 oz).

To get more info on what's brewing at this event (see what we did there?), we talked to Alex Pate, general and product manager at Coconut Creek's World of Beer.

"[New Beer's Eve] is a reason for people to celebrate draft beer because it's the unofficial holiday of when prohibition ended, so we decided to release new beers for celebration," Pate said.

For a quick synopsis in case you fell asleep in high school history, the prohibition era lasted through 1920-1933, making a ban on the sale, production, and shipping of alcohol. For 13 long, grueling years, folks were not allowed to purchase alcohol, including bars. Thank goodness that's over!

Pate let us in on new beers being featured this Saturday and let us tell you, with beers that sound this appetizing, we will celebrate the end of prohibition any day. For instance, Hinterland Maple Bock has a dark amber color and is made with maple syrup while Cigar City Cuban Expresso Maduro is created with Cuban espresso beans with a base of oatmeal brown ale. Another beer featured is Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout, which was made at Lexington, a brewing co in Kentucky, in aged bourbon barrels.

While all these beers sound strange and wonderful, it is the Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Ale that caught our eyes. Coming in what Pate calls a "Pepto Bismal pink" bottle, it has a dark, smoky, toasted flavor and is brewed with chocolate, banana, and peanut butter flavors. Rogue, the beer company, collaborated with Voodoo Doughnut, a doughnut shop in Oregon to create this unique flavor. Lastly, Pate described for us a rather humble beer out of the bunch. Hinterland IPA is what Pate describes as a "basic, medium bodied IPA with citrusy hoppy aromas." See, there's something for everyone! Pate encourages friends and family to come out, especially beer advocates.

World of Beer - Coconut Creek is located at 4437 Lyons Road in Coconut Creek. Call 954-984-0300, or visit

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