Company's Coming: Places to Take Visitors for the Holidays


Here's hoping today you're in full on holiday mode. If that mode happens to be here, we've round up a list of places to appeal to every visitor, from the olds to the boozy younger brother. Selections are recommendations from readers and colleagues. I need advice too, since it's my first Florida Christmas with family. Happy holidays and happy entertaining.

Deck 84: For terrific waterfront views and casual dining, this one's a crowd pleaser.

Sushi Bon: For sushi fans who care about sustainable seafood, this spot comes highly recommended: former New Times critic Gail Shepherd is a regular.

Duffy's: For the ADD sports fan who wants access to every game, here's a start. A more laid back locals stop is The Downtowner. Shuck N Dive is better for a muffuletta and an Abita with your game, and if you're an Eagles fan, head over to The Parrot on the 24th.

Billy's Stone Crab: For an out of towner's craving for stone crab, this Hollywood spot on the water isn't the most elegant spot, but the crabs are terrific and it's fun. 

Taco Beach Shack: Grab a bar stool or a couch on this sprawling, sandy deck for a beachy experience and good nachos. A projection screen plays a game football nights. If you're lucky it's the one you want to watch. Parents, take note: it's kid friendly. 

Blue Jeans Blues: For cocktails, a lively crowd, and the Turk Mauro Quartet on Friday night, plan a detour if you've got people in town who will appreciate him.

Primanti Brothers: For

a very Florida way to start out the day, this 24 hour institution across

from the beach is a classic, especially if you can get there around

seven for a stunning sunrise.

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