Costco Salad: Now With Live Frogs? (Video)

When Costco says their salads are organic you'd better believe it. The warehouse giant apparently sells greens that are so fresh, they attract wildlife!

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Liya Ma, a South Pasadena teacher, purchased plastic container of organic greens from a local Costco and, much like Cracker Jacks, found a surprise inside.

"I saw two little eyes looking at me," Ma said. "I screamed and I dropped it", Ma told the paper.

Both frog and teacher are doing well. The frog, now named Dave, is alive and well and living with Ma, who adopted the little creature. Ma, by the way, received a refund for the salad by the store's manager. The frog was thrown in for free.

The salad comes from Babe Farms of Santa Maria, California. A spokesperson for the farm said that the frog must have survived because the salad isn't chopped before packaging. 

Watch a video of Dave jumping out of his salad here:

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