Cracker Barrel Announces Plans to Ban Gestation Crates From Supply Chain

Good news for pigs destined for bacon on Cracker Barrel's plates. The company announced that it plans to phase out pork from suppliers who use gestation crates, those nasty cages used in some factory farms. 

For my family, Cracker Barrel has always been a road trip favorite. Yes, the greasy food may have led to feelings sickness, but it has always been reminiscent of our long haul's from Florida back to New York every summer.

I remember filling up on their Old Timer breakfast; complete with cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, hash brown casserole, grits, and biscuits and gravy. It may have been a fatty, plastic version of food from the south, but to me, this was southern cuisine at its best. Besides, what did I care? I was a snot-nosed, cigarette smoking teenager, more concerned 
with looking cool than eating quality food. Cracker Barrel was the perfect escape from spending quality time with the family. I could 'shop the store' after meals, i.e. smoke cigarettes on those outdoor rocking chairs.

As an adult, I have learned the errors of my former ways. I no longer smoke. I have learned the beautiful intricacies of real food from the south. And I understand the growing concern of eating ethically. Therefore, it should be said that Cracker Barrel is no longer on the top of my favorite traveling list.

However, on occasion, I still do indulge. And I still love my Old Timer breakfast. Every time, it brings me back to my former bad-kid glory. Fortunately, with this news, I can at least feel better about the bacon. Even if the grease and ridiculously large portions make me feel sick.

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