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Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day Is Friday: Five Flavors to Try

Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day -- timed perfectly with the impending three-day holiday weekend -- is Friday, giving dessert lovers time to indulge in any number of strange and/or unusual frozen flavors. Forget vanilla (bor-ing) -- head to your local ice creamery for a taste of a regional favorite, or try one of the five flavors below:

5. Publix Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream - Chocolate cake is good and all, but something about the addition of red food dye elevates the otherwise mundane sweet treat to a delicious, tongue- and stomach-staining level of glucose magnitude.

4. Mootz's Homemade Italian Ice Cannoli Cream Ice - Like the red velvet entry from Publix (which also makes delicious Key lime pie and pumpkin pie flavors, by the way), there is something exceptionally appealing about merging two desserts -- in this case, ice cream and cannoli -- into one delicious dish. Er, bowl. 

3. Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack - This vanilla-bean ice cream with a "salty caramel swirl and fudge covered potato chip clusters" is a stoner-riffic-sounding ode to late-night host Jimmy Fallon, who professed his love of Ben & Jerry's icy treats in -- how else? -- the form of a song. Available at local Publix stores.

2. Create Your Own to Go at Cold Stone Creamery - Pick a base flavor -- options range from ho-hum vanilla to holy-crap-can-I-please-have-a-carrot-stick-that-was-sweet cake batter -- and mix in any number of candy, fruit, sauce, cake and/or nut toppings. Just remember, you're the one who has to deal with any residual tummyaches should the cheesecake ice cream topped with Oreos, brownies, rainbow sprinkles, and apple pie filling turn out as disgusting as it sounds.

1. The Kitchen Sink from Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant - Jaxson's famous Kitchen Sink concoction isn't necessarily one flavor, per se, but certainly is a one-of-a-kind creation of the frozen variety. If this beast of a dessert is too much dairy for you to handle, try a plain ol' scoop of one of Jaxson's more interesting flavors, like maple walnut or tropical coconut.  

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Tricia Woolfenden