Cupcake Battle Contestant: Just Cupcakes

On April 20, some of South Florida's best-loved bakers will compete in the New

Times Cupcake Battle at the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival.

These brave men and women will serve up thousands of cupcakes, vying

for awards like Best Tasting, Best

Decorated, and Fan Favorite. We thought you might like to know the

players behind those taste little treats, so every day or so, we'll

spotlight another one of the contestants.

Just Cupcakes' Yessenia Fernandez started making the treats for friends and family about five years ago. Word of mouth spread, and Fernandez found herself baking in her spare time until, about two years ago, she formed Just Cupcakes and started officially selling her wares.

Fernandez doesn't yet have a shop (or even a website). She uses a Facebook page filled with pictures of her delicious treats to market her cupcakes. Yet, because of her skills in the kitchen, her business continues to grow.

Fernandez told Clean Plate Charlie that her focus is on flavor. She specializes in cupcakes with flavor combinations like

coconut rum, peanut butter and jelly, and guava cream cheese.

Fernandez delivers her cupcakes in Miami-Dade and Broward counties and

said she would consider delivery to Palm Beach County as well. Cupcakes are priced at 24 minis for $25, 24 traditional cupcakes for

$20, and one dozen jumbo cupcakes for $30. Once a month, she offers a

cupcake assortment (see her Facebook page for details).


asked how she feels about her chances at the cupcake battle, Fernandez

said she's a little nervous but confident that she'll take home a prize

-- especially in the fan favorite and taste categories.

To vote for Just Cupcakes (or any of the other cupcakes entered in our cupcake battle) at the New Times

Cupcake Battle, come out to the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival. You'll

be able to sample all the cupcakes and vote in the fan-favorite

category. Tickets cost $100 and are available here.

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