CurbStand: Valet without the cash.
CurbStand: Valet without the cash.
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CurbStand: Cashless Valet Parking App Arrives in Broward

This has probably happened to you. In a cashless society where you can buy your coffee with a credit card (or your phone), you valet park your car --only to find you have no cash to get your car out of auto-prison. Do you run for the nearest ATM? Borrow from your date? Beg your server for cash in exchange for a padded tip?

The CurbStand app wants to solve this most vexing of problems by allowing you to park, pay for, and retrieve your car from your phone.

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The Los Angeles-based startup, founded by Owen De Vries, Moncef Abbou, and Nicole Duncan is available in LA, Dallas, Austin, Boston, Denver, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, serving about 400 restaurants, bars, and services. Though currently only 17 locations are available in Broward, county, CurbStand promises more are on the way.

Serge Gojkovich, CEO of CurbStand, says that, "we chose South Florida because the people in the region love to go out and live their lives to the fullest. That lifestyle is perfect for us as CurbStand allows users to do the things they like every day both simply and efficiently."

The way it works is pretty simple. Much like Uber, you'll download the app and enter your information, including a credit card. The app will find the nearest valet stand to your phone's location (or search for one) and you'll be able to view the rate, which varies. You'll then check in, leave your car and have your meal. When you're finishing up, you can request your car remotely and get an estimated arrival time for your car. We can imagine the joy of being able to wait at the table and finish your tea or wine instead of standing on the curb.

Payment is charged to your card on file and there's even an option to add a tip -- so no scrounging for that last dollar in the glove compartment (we've done that, too).

So far, CurbStand is available at Hollywood's Spice Resto-Lounge, Cafe Iguana Pembroke Pines, Casa d'Angelo in Fort Lauderdale, and The Field Pub in Dania, among others. For a complete list of participating locations, go to and download the app.

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