Dada Brings Back Chef-Inspired Wine Pairing Dinners

Dada Executive Chef Bruce Feingold has announced the return of his restaurant's popular wine pairing dinner series, beginning with the first, dubbed Twelve/Twelve/Twelve because -- you guessed it -- it will be held on December 12. It is the first of such wine pairing dinners to be held at the restaurant in more than five years.

Feingold said he is bringing back the restaurant's wine pairing dinners, which ran monthly and often settled on a specific theme or cuisine, to allow for more creativity in the kitchen. The longtime Delray Beach chef, who opened Dada in 2000 alongside South Florida restaurateurs Scott Frielich and Rodney Mayo, said he is also looking to step outside Dada's regular menu offerings to experiment with different cooking techniques, ingredients and dishes.

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"It allows me to be creative, and lets people try more of my cooking outside of the Dada menu," Feingold told Clean Plate Charlie. "These dinners give me the chance to try something new I wouldn't normally have the time to do."

Take the Twelve/Twelve/Twelve sous-vide soft egg, served with a broccoli and chive flan, bacon creme fraiche and spiced maple syrup. The dish employs a slow method of cooking food, where meats -- but also vegetables and eggs -- are sealed in an airtight plastic bag in a water bath -- sous-vide French for "under vacuum" -- typically for a longer period of time and at a lower temperature than conventional instructions. The intention is to cook the food evenly as a way to preserve flavors and juices that would otherwise be lost in the cooking process. 

The dinner begins with a champagne cocktail reception at 6:30 p.m., followed by a four-course dinner that will offer guests three main courses and a dessert, each paired with a wine personally selected by Feingold. Expect something different, he said, and not your usual cabernet or chardonnay. 

The Twelve/Twelve/Twelve wine pairing dinner is open to approximately 20 guests, and seats are $40 per person, which includes both food and drink. For reservations, email dadareservations@gmail.com, or call 561-330-3232. To see the full menu, visit the Dada Facebook page.www.facebook.com/dadahouse.

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