Daft Punk Partners With Coca-Cola

In this week's head scratching celebrity/corporate moment of "synergy" Rolling Stone (via Hype Beast) is reporting that French duo Daft Punk is hooking up with Coca-Cola to launch a special edition release of Daft Punk-inspired Coke bottles. The product will be dubbed Daft Punk x Coca-Cola Club Coke.

The limited edition product is set to hit shelves in March. Thus far, there's no official company release, nor does Daft Punk's or Coke's website make mention of the relationship. Seeing as Daft Punk is no stranger to the occasional Internet hoax, we'll take this with a grain of salt 'til the product hits the shelves. Spoka, the European PR agency presumably in charge of promoting the Daft Punk/Coca-Cola marriage (their site's in French, a class that I unfortunately snoozed through), has said the bottles are a Coke product inspired by the French duo and any "promo" materials floating around the Web right now are fan-created, not from Daft Punk. 

In the event that this Daft Punk/Coca-Cola thing doesn't pan out, here's 5 equally odd or oddly appropriate musician/product pairings we wouldn't mind seeing:  

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5. Lady Gaga for gardein (the vegetarian protein product used at such vegetarian institutions as Ft. Lauderdale's Sublime); While wearing the infamous VMA meat dress, because post-post irony sells.  

4. Lady Antebellum for JuJuBes and/or Milk Duds; It'll be hard to sing that booty call song on repeat if their teeth are stuck together.  

Cee Lo for Land O'Lakes; Because even when he's telling you to eff off (sorry; "forget" off) he's as smooth as butter. 

Mick Jagger for Four Loko; Something's gotta keep him going until the end of time!

Justin Bieber for Cheez Whiz; Naturally.

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