Danes Famous: A Presidential Vote Tastier Than Gallup

Last night's presidential debate has the internet abuzz with sound bites, score cards, and fact checkers dissecting each sentence. Here's a shocker -- each side claims a victory for its candidate. 

If the debate has gotten you hungry for more politics, we suggest a way to put your money where your mouth is, politically speaking. 

Head over to Danes Famous (916 SE Fifth Ave.) in Delray Beach for lunch and vote for your favorite candidate by way of hot dog. 

Owner Dane Lepson, a self-proclaimed political junkie, thought up the hot dog voting campaign as a way to get people talking about politics. "We used to talk politics in the barber shop. I want to open up that dialogue again."

While not as sophisticated as some of the surveys coming from uiversities and news pundits, Lepson believes his hot dog poll is an accurate indicator of what America is thinking. "Whenever a candidate surges in the campaign, he surges in my poll. Last debate, Romney was ahead in the voting. I'm expecting a busy day today. We'll see how it goes."

The votes, which are tallied weekly, are pretty much tied so far as of this morning, with 22 vote for Romney, 20 for Obama this week. When asked if everyone wants to participate, Lepson told Clean Plate Charlie that a few people walk in undecided, and others at first don't want to go public with their candidate of choice. "Then I tell them -- hey! It's just a hot dog!"

The voting rules at Danes Famous are a lot less stringent than at the upcoming general elections. Simply come in, pay $3 for a hot dog, chips, and soda..then choose your toppings and your man. "Two toppings...one President," said Danes Famous' owner. 

And, unlike the real thing, you don't have to register..or even be a citizen. "A man came in and said he wasn't a citizen but could he still vote?  Maybe not for real, but in my store? Every vote counts."

Who, by the way, is political-junkie/hot dog guy voting for himself? "I don't want to sway voters, so I'll let you know after the election." 

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