Deal of the Day: $6 for $15 Worth of Any Combination Ice Cream at D'Lites

The next time you get a late-night craving for something sweet, Charlie has the perfect suggestion: ice cream.

But not just any ice cream. Please, don't go trolling in your freezer for that near-forgotten carton of grocery store brand vanilla. 

Not when you have D'Lites of Hollywood open late for all your after-dinner urge-to-slurge desires. 

Luckily, D'Lites isn't just delightfully good -- it's also a great way to indulge near guilt-free. Serving up just a fraction of the calories you would get at your regular ice cream shop, and with hundreds of flavors to choose from, a single serving has as few as 50 calories, less than two grams of fat, and only six grams of sugar. 

Charlie was blown away with the story of this 52-year-old St. Petersburg woman who attributes a part of her extreme weight loss to -- in moderation, of course -- a little bit of D'Lite.

All this creamy goodness is why D'Lites of Hollywood is scooping out today's Deal of the Day. Act now, and you can receive $6 for $15 worth of any ice cream combo you can come up -- over half-priced savings.

This deal is only redeemable at D'Lite's Hollywood location.

D'Lites of Hollywood
3341 Sheridan St.
Hollywood, FL 33021

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