Deal of the Day: Get Big Al's Steaks at a 50 Percent Discount

When it comes to gargantuan grinders, supersized subs, and wedges that are worth the food coma to come, not much can compare to an honest-to-goodness Philly cheese steak. 

And where cheese steaks are concerned, not much can compare to the Big Al's version.

At this local cheese-steak specialty chain, Charlie likes his with the works: mayo, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and plenty of Cheez Whiz on a nine-inch for $8.45.

Whether you're feeling a little Philly-ish or not, today you can get two cheese steaks (or pretty much anything on the Big Al's menu) for the price of one with our Deal of the Day. That means $12 worth of food and drink for just $6, if you act now.

Want something a bit healthier? You could always try the chicken Philly ($8.75) with your choice of Provolone, American, or Cheez Whiz cheese, classic Philly Cheesesteak style. Or if fresh-fried is more your style, go for an authentic deep-fried hot dog ($3.75), and dress it up however you like at the condiment bar full of free toppings.

Eat today, or cash in your deal later, for a taste of Philly... right here in South Florida.

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