Deep-Fried Oreos Are the Chocolate Bomb

Ever bite into a deep-fried Oreo? A favorite treat of fairs and carnivals from Texas to Tequesta, these battered and fried versions of the classic cookie are stellar. They're coated in funnel cake batter and fried so that the batter forms a balloon-like crust. The chocolate part of the cookie melts as it cooks, making the texture inside something like a gooey, cream-filled brownie. Topped with powdered sugar and -- if you like -- chocolate syrup, they're easily my favorite deep-fried carnival candy.

Getting your hands on an order isn't always easy. As one concession

booth worker told me, making deep-fried Oreos is a might messier and

more labor-intensive than other treats like deep-fried Snickers or

Twinkies. Many just leave them off the menu entirely.

Still, I

managed to snag an order at the Margate Fair at State Road. 7 and

Margate Blvd. this weekend. The Oreos were melty and delicious, just

like I remembered. They were totally work getting harassed by carnies


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