Delray Beach Bus Loop Tonight, Ticket Winners Announced

Congrats to Alexander Raymond Moschina who has won two tickets to tonight's Delray Beach Bus Loop for his pithy explanation of the mother sauces.

Espagnole - A brown sauce with a meat base. One of few dressings you shouldn't actually put on your food.
Hollandaise - Made of eggs and fat. It's like mayonnaise for your breakfast!
Vinaigrette - A simple sauce made of oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Great for easily impressing people who don't know you can make your own salad dressing.
Bechamel - Named after Louis de Bechamel, a financial manager richer than the sauce named after him.

The loop is the first in Delray Beach,

the proceeds of which will benefit the Delray Beach Public Library and The Gator Club Scholarship Fund, among other organizations.

Participating restaurants include Deck 84, The Hurricane Lounge, The Sundy House, Falcon House, Caliente Kitchen, Bull Bar, Sail Inn Tavern, Kevro's Art Bar, and Pepe's Hideaway. Receive a free drink at each venue and stay as long as you wish.

Check in for tonight's event begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Delray Beach Public Library. For more information, click here.

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