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Dennis Max and Bill Hansen Start Catering Venture

In Broward and Palm Beach County food scenes few names are as recognizable as Max -- and no, we're not referring to the notorious exploits of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell author, Dennis Max's son Tucker.

From Max's Grille to Max's Harvest to Burt & Max's as well as countless other concepts, Max has done his share to bring fresh and clean California-style cuisine to South Florida.

Now he's branching out for a new concept, yet again, with legendary caterer Bill Hansen with their new "off premise" catering venture, the Sonoma House.

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While the Max group recently struck up a relationship as exclusive caterers for the Sonoma House, a California-style garden events venue situated at the former Ellenville Garden Center, the new venture with Hansen will be offering catering services for 30 to 3,000 guests for numerous venues and private homes.

The goal of the new enterprise is to Max's highly respected culinary program with some of Hansen's favorite dishes and event planning savvy.

"This is a marriage of what I've done over the years in the restaurant world in Palm Beach County and what Bill Hansen has done over the years in Miami in the catering world," said Max.

Max/Hansen catering is now taking event reservations for the upcoming season. Visit

The Sonoma House is located at 220 NE 11th St. in Boca Raton. Call 561-756-9474, or email [email protected]

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