Denny's Launches Hobbit Menu (Video)

Denny's Launches Hobbit Menu (Video)

True confession: I once had a blind date with someone who conversed only in Elvish. You know, that language spoken by elves in the Lord of the Ring trilogy. Here's the problem... Elvish is not a real language. There was no second date.

If I had kept the guy's phone number (and remembered his name), I would let him know that he finally had a place where his language is spoken.

That place is Denny's, starting November 6, when the breakfastcentric chain launches its own Hobbit-inspired menu.

According to Advertising Age,

the Hobbit menu, designed to tie in with the new Hobbit movie to be

released December 14, will feature 11 items, including the Hobbit hole

breakfast, Gandalf's gobble melt, Frodo's pot roast, and shire sausage.

The Hobbit items will be available at Middle Earth a Denny's near you through January.

Denny's not only wins points with every person who spent his or her junior high school years playing Dungeons & Dragons but it scores points for

the coolest quote ever from a corporate bigwig. Because Hobbits eat a s**tload of food, including a meal known as "second breakfast," the chief marketing officer for Denny's, Frances Allen, was quoted as saying, "We just felt with the two

breakfasts that whole notion of comfort eating and comfort food" were a

fit for the restaurant chain.

Watch the teaser commercial here. And note that it's in English... not Elvish.


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