Destination Food: My Market's Prosciutto Roma Sub

For years we've praised the deli counter sandwiches made at Fort Lauderdale's My Market, a convenience store/bodega with a thriving sub shop attached. And for good reason: each of the fifty-some varieties are made with bread baked fresh daily, quality deli meat (what's not Boar's Head is usually made in house), vibrant vegetables and herbs, and fruity olive oil. No other sandwich there is more exemplary of this commitment than the prosciutto roma, a hulking tank of a sub slathered with a pungent cascade of sliced prosciutto, thick wedges of fragrant tomato, sweet slices of fresh mozzarella, floral basil leaves, and streams of olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. The kicker, though, is the chewy, hard-crusted ciabatta bread, a starch so hearty it works your jaw out harder than a Richard Simmons tape. This loaf is a beast - nearly half-a-foot wide and almost two inches thick, it takes a mean appetite to down it in one sitting. The small portion is also a steal at $7.99: it's over six inches long, and every last spec of doughy real estate is crammed with buttery, tender prosciutto, all meaty and salty and sweet. The large feeds two or more hungry folk at just $13.99. With as much meat and fresh cheese as My Market pumps into this beast, you'd probably pay way more just buying the fixins' at another deli. But that's just another bit of beauty about My Market: you don't necessarily pay premium prices for premium goods.

After the jump, the hot, hot money shots.

As you can see, the ciabatta is airy, but laced with ropey bits of bread firm enough to let you know you're biting into a burly sandwich. The prosciutto here is top notch, too. It's never leathery or tough to bite through; instead it's meltingly rich.

Man cannot live on meat alone, so a generous layering of fresh mozz, tomatoes, and basil line the roma's interior. It's finished with a few healthy glugs of olive oil and tangy Balsamic vinegar, plus a dusting of My Market's Italian spice blend. Bellissimo.

My Market
229 SW 17th St.,

Fort Lauderdale

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