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Dine Out Lauderdale: The Five Most Compelling Menu Deals

In "What Would You Order for Your Last Supper?" in the Food and Drink issue of the New York Times Magazine, New York chef and cookbook writer David Pasternack lists a dozen local oysters and clams paired with Pabst Blue Ribbon in a can on his fantasy menu, while Mario Batali lists "one of every shellfish and crustacean known to man" on his wish list.

While a Mario-sized selection is a stretch, local seafood and a saffron shellfish medley stand among many offerings that riff on fantasy meals during this month's Dine Out Lauderdale, the equivalent of Miami Spice and Flavor Palm Beach.

Each restaurant offers a $35 menu from now until November 10, with exceptions for some restaurants on weekends and during Boat Show week. Read on for the more interesting menus among participating restaurants after the jump.

5. Market 17
Market 17 serves some of the more unusual offerings for $35: hogfish, wreckfish, wild shrimp, and wild boar ribs, with monkey bread among the dessert choices. Available any night except Saturdays, the extensive menu is listed here.

4. By Word of Mouth
I haven't yet hit up By Word of Mouth, but I'm planning on it this month to check out the quirky novelty of the place. Available Wednesday through Saturdays, spinach gnocchi and roasted asparagus lasagna might inspire a much-needed vegetarian night.

3. Steak 954
Stephen Starr's Steak 954 has elicited the most volunteers to join me as a dining companion so far. I'm looking forward to going this month, since the restaurant served one of my favorite bites from New Times Pairings last month. I have to admit to craving a high-brow version of the Philly cheese steak that's on this year's menu, available Sunday through Thursdays.

2. Grateful Palate
Though the Grateful Palate's menu is lean for its Sunday-to-Friday menu, featuring an amuse, fennel and asparagus salad, wild salmon fillet, and mango and coconut indulgence for dessert, it's a fair price to pay for doting service and delicious dining.

1. 3030 Ocean
3030 Ocean's seasonal menu has the potential to inspire multiple visits, since the menu changes daily. I'd call ahead before driving over any Sunday through Thursday through November 10.

Have your eye on a restaurant's deal I haven't included here? Give a shoutout in the comments.

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