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Diner By-the-Sea Appearing on Swiss T.V. Show: Live Filming Starts Today

Reality T.V. covers every topic known to man.

We all know how to be a hair-dresser. We get what it takes to be a chef (or a celebrity chef, at least). Fashion designer: easy as pie. Heck, we even know how the Alaskan crab-fishing industry works. And when it comes Dirty Jobs, we now understand that the saying, "No guts, no glory" can be interpreted literally in some workplaces.

Starting today, Broward spot Diner By-the-Sea is filming for a new reality program that will showcase the lives of foreign waitresses working overseas.

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Starting today (until 2 p.m.), filming will be taking place at the Lauderdale By-the-Sea eatery for Swiss and German T.V. show Jobtausch (essentially job swap in English).

Produced by Constantin Entertainment, one of the biggest T.V. producers in Germany, the show takes individuals from a given career field -- think cops, firefighters, mechanics, etc. -- and switches German or Swiss workers out for foreign nationals.

Servers and best-friends of more than 40 years, Nancy Pisarzewski and Arlene Hames are packing their bags and headed for Switzerland to appear on the "Swap This Waitress" episode. In exchange, two Swiss employees will be taking over the pairs tables and shifts at the diner.

While diners were invited to submit applications to appear on the show, Diner By-the-Sea did not. Producers found it online and contacted owner Billy Sand about the opportunity.

"I kept getting calls from the producers," says Sand. "I thought they were trying to get us to advertise or something. Eventually, one of my staff members told me I better call back. When I did, they asked me to pick two employees, and they were out to interview the three of us the next morning.

Today, crew will be onsite filming Pisarzewski and Hames perform their duties before the pair fly out to Switzerland tomorrow.

On Thursday, Sand is picking up the Swiss servers from the airport, both of whom will be staying in his home.

Sands has no idea what to expect from the exchange servers at the moment, but he's excited none-the-less.

"We're very fortunate," he says. "It's a lot of great PR. We have a great staff; the girls are awesome. We're like a big family here. We have regulars who come every day. So it will be interesting."

Pisarzewski and Hames are, obviously, just as enthusiastic.

"We're looking forward to it," says Pisarzewski. "It's something different."

The show will be airing on Swiss and German T.V. channel SRF this fall. American viewers can watch the episode online after it is released.

Filming will take place during business hours until July 13.

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