Dirty Blondes Bouncers Fired, Patrons Plan to Sue

The three bouncers that allegedly participated in the brutal beating of several patrons at Dirty Blondes were terminated from their positions nearly two weeks after the incident happened.

According to New Times' news blog, Dirty Blondes owner AJ Yaari fired the bouncers and issued the following statement:

"We do not and will not condone these types of actions within the confines of our businesses or anywhere for that matter," Yaari wrote. "As we take swift and calculated measures to move forward, we appreciate the patience of the public, the fairness of the media and support of our city and business leaders."

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Initially, the incident led to the arrest of the patrons involved. In return, the patrons, Alex Coehlo, 29, and David Parker, 27, hired an attorney with plans to sue the establishment.

The incident was captured on a 15-second cell phone video, which quickly went viral and prompted Fort Lauderdale Police to further investigate the incident. That led to the weekend arrest of Arnald Thomas-Darrah, one of the bouncers involved in the fight. Thomas-Darrah, along with another bouncer, Jovan Dean, face battery charges.

After all this negative publicity, the owner of the dive bar on Fort Lauderdale beach still sees the need for burly babysitters for buzzed beachgoers. According to WSVN, the bar's managment issued a statement that read, "Since the security of our patrons and staff is of utmost importance, we have hired additional police detail officers for the immediate future."

Long range goals for the bar include, "an interview process to determine the retention of an outside security agency".

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